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Upcoming Newborn Session? Here's how to prepare with Atlanta's number one newborn photographer.

There's no doubt that Nicole DeHoff is one of the best. Nicole was recently voted Georgias Best of 2021 in the Photographer division. Here are some tips and tricks to prepare for your upcoming newborn session.

1. Keep baby awake at least 1 hour prior - Why Does Nicole Suggest This?

Having a sleepy baby is key to those cuddly, posed newborn images that we all love and know. The sleepier the baby, the smoother the session. When baby is conked out and or milk drunk, baby tends to sleep through the posing.

2. Feed baby upon arrival.

When you feed baby prior to leaving for your session, you're using up those precious minutes of deep sleep following a feed. We recommend feeding when you get to the studio, this way baby has a full belly and is super sleepy once he or she is done eating.

3. Stay relaxed.

Baby not sleeping yet? Thats okay! Let us handle the soothing. You get to sit back, relax and enjoy the session. We'll call you when we need you!

4. Come prepared.

Baby's tend to want to eat more when they're being stimulated. So make sure you bring an extra bottle or two. If you're nursing, be prepared to nurse on demand. A full tummy is key!

5. Bring a pacifier

We promise it wont cause nipple confusion. Having a pacifier is such a huge help during a session when we're settling newborns. If you dont have one or forget one, that's okay! We keep brand new, individually wrapped ones in studio.

EXTRA INFO The studio is kept warm, so make sure you prep dad.

We encourage all parents to participate during the newborn session, make sure you bring a black shirt for photos! Moms are pampered with hair and make up during their session, this way you don't have to worry about getting ready with a newborn. We will take care of you!

We always keep drinks and snacks in the studio, but if you get extra hungry, feel free to bring a lunch. Sessions can run a little longer if baby takes longer to settle. If you're pumping, make sure to bring your pump just in case, but don't worry about a boppy - we have you covered there!

Nicole can't wait to meet you and photograph your sweet new baby! Make sure you get your session booked asap!


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