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Tips on how we prepare our moms for that perfect Pregnancy Photoshoot!

Atlanta Pregnancy Photographer
  1. HYDRATE!!! Make sure you're hydrating! We want to make sure that we keep those braxton hicks contractions at bay! According to Intermountain Health It will help keep you energized and cool as well!

  2. EAT!!! Eat a small meal before hand! This can help keep the nausea away, keep you energized and keep your blood sugar from dropping! We can always stop for snacks throughout too!

  3. REST!!! Don't do strenuous activity the day of or the day before! During your session, you will be on your feet. We don't want you to over do it. It's best to rest the day before!

  4. COME WITH FRESH HAIR AND CLEAN SKIN! Hair and make up is included in your session. Make sure you come with freshly washed hair and clean face and we will take care of the rest!

  5. NAILS!!! Please remove all nail polish or have freshly painted nails the day of your session. Chipped polish is an eye sore and we want your images to look as incredible as possible! EXTRA TIP!!

  6. Plan a dinner date after!! You're going to be all glammed up after your session! Have your significant other take you for a nice dinner date!

Atlanta Pregnancy Photographer


Atlanta Pregnancy Photographer

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