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We've made it to Georgia!

November 18, 2019

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After every storm , there is a rainbow of hope.

November 12, 2019

 Every year Nicole DeHoff Photography holds a Rainbow baby shoot. This year we decided to photograph 7 beautiful newborns. Each baby has a very special story to tell. 

My husband and I welcomed a healthy baby girl in May 2016. Shortly after in September we learned we were pregnant again. Surprise! At our dating ultrasound the tech went silent, turned off the screen and let us sit in the room for 30 minutes awaiting the doctor.  At 9 weeks our little baby had no heartbeat.  Fast forward to August of 2018... we learned we were expecting, but I wanted to wait to see doctor until after 9 weeks when I thought I would be "safe". Once again I felt like I was having deja vu. The ultrasound tech started her sentence with "I'm sorry" and I already knew the drill.  Two times in a row.  How does that happen? Babies around same gestation with no heartbeats. My body giving me no clues. I was devastated. At the end of January we learned again we were pregnant and welcomed another sweet baby girl on September 16!

My husband and I always knew we wanted kids, and we were blessed with our first child in 2015. Once we had our son, we knew we wanted more and wanted our kids to be close in age. We started trying two years after our son, and it seemed like it took forever for us to get pregnant. Finally, in 2018, we found out we were expecting. We were excited like anyone else would be until we scheduled our appointment. Devastated and confused, we had come to find out that we had miscarried. With so many emotions going on through our heads, we were wondering if there was something we could have done differently, how many times this would happen, and should we keep trying? We were determined to keep trying and bring a new life into this world, and we are so glad we did. They always say there's a storm before a rainbow and in September 2019 we were finally blessed with our amazing rainbow baby girl and couldn't be happier.