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You're having your portraits done! Yay! You're longing for beautiful images of your beautiful family, so you booked a session to capture those special moments...but now you're nervous and dreading the session. 

Newborn Photographer Atlanta
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Most people feel self conscious about being in front of a camera (me too!). But my goal is to make this a fun and relaxing experience. I've done hundreds of photo sessions and by the end of the first click, the nerves will dissipate and you become a natural. Your family session will be one of your favorite sessions to date. We laugh, we play and we work in a stress free environment. There's no structured posing. My goal is to capture your family in raw form. The littles love the interaction with you and the images are priceless. 

This process will be easy, fun and an overall great experience for you and your family.  

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Here are just a couple of simple tips for a successful family session. 




First and foremost, getting your photos taken should be fun! I know it can be stressful to figure out what to wear, or figure out the best location for your family, but hopefully I can take the stress out of that for you and share ideas for What to Wear. The main goal is that your family has fun!

I am a mom of five & my children hate the camera. This is where I started to lean towards story telling. Photo sessions used to stress me out so much, that I didn't want to book them. My kids and I would always leave upset because no one wanted to cooperate. Now that we no longer are forced to stand there and look at the camera, with an awkward, fake smile - everyone has fun & we manage to capture genuine smiles. It's so much more enjoyable now. It captures the true, wild side of my family.



My favorite images are always the ones where we allow the child to naturally explore and get into something he or she wants to do. When we let the child lead the way, they will naturally be motivated to interact and play, and this helps to bring out natural expressions from the child as well.


This little guy would stick with us for a few shots and then wanted to explore nature. He wanted to collect leaves big and small, and he wanted to look at the little bugs crawling on the stone. It was totally fine, we are at a outside! Let’s have fun and allow me document your child’s interest at this age. Let’s let them lead the way! Sometimes if your child doesn’t really show interest or maybe there is something that you know he or she will like, we can plan an activity.


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Tips for a 

Family Session

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Collection I

10 Digital Images

Wardrobe Available


Collection II

20 Digital Images

Wardrobe Available


Collection III

30 Digital Images

Wardrobe Available

$250 Art Credit


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Tips for a Successful Family Session


Set of 05 prints

Set of 10 prints

Set of 20 prints




16x20 Gallery Wrap

20x20 Gallery Wrap

20x30 Gallery Wrap

30x40 Gallery Wrap

40x60 Gallery Wrap






Wooden Hanging Trio

20x20 Round Wood Print

30x30 Round Wood Print

40x40 Round Wood Print

16x20 Wood Frame Print

Macro Wood Trio







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16x20 Hanging Canvas

20x30 Hanging Canvas

Floating 8x10 Frame

Floating 11x14 Frame

Heirloom Trio







This is the fun part

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Suwanee photographer

Scroll through our suggestions for color themes below. These are just a few options. If you don't see something you LOVE, let me know! We can come up with something epic together. 

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